Institut für Theoretische Informatik, Algorithmik I

Abgeschlossene wissenschaftliche Arbeiten


Moritz Baum, 2018
Engineering Route Planning Algorithms for Battery Electric Vehicles

Ben Strasser, 2017
Algorithm Engineering for Adaptive Route Planning

Thomas Bläsius, 2015
New Approaches to Classic Graph-Embedding Problems - Orthogonal Drawings & Constrained Planarity

Thomas Pajor, 2013
Algorithm Engineering for Realistic Journey Planning in Transportation Networks

Markus Völker, 2012
Algorithmic Aspects of Communication and Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Marcus Krug, 2011
Combinatorial and Geometric Aspects of Computational Network Construction - Algorithms and Complexity

Sascha Meinert, 2011
Engineering Data Generators for Robust. Experimental Evaluations. - Planar Graphs, Artificial Road Networks, and Traffic Information -

Ignaz Rutter, 2011
The Many Faces of Planarity - Matching, Augmentation, and Embedding Algorithms for Planar Graphs -

Reinhard Bauer, 2010
Theory and Engineering for Shortest Paths and Delay Management

Robert Görke, 2010
An Algorithmic Walk from Static to Dynamic Graph Clustering

Martin Nöllenburg, 2009
Network Visualization: Algorithms, Applications, and Complexity

Daniel Delling, 2009
Engineering and Augmenting Route Planning Algorithms

Bastian Katz, 2009
Positioning and Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks - Models, Complexity, and Scalable Algorithms

Michael Baur, 2008
visone - Software for the Analysis and Visualization of Social Networks

Martin Holzer, 2008
Engineering Planar-Separator and Shortest-Path Algorithms

Marc Benkert, 2007
Construction and Analysis of Geometric Networks

Marco Gaertler, 2007
Algorithmic Aspects of Clustering - Theory, Experimental Evaluation, and Applications in Network Analysis and Visualization

Thomas Schank, 2007
Algorithmic Aspects of Triangle-Based Network Analysis

Thomas Willhalm, 2005
Engineering Shortest Paths and Layout Algorithms for Large Graphs

Frank Schulz, 2005
Timetable Information and Shortest Paths

Sabine Cornelsen, 2003
Drawing Families of Cuts in a Graph

Annegret Liebers, 2000
Analyzing Train Time Table Graphs

Dagmar Handke, 1999
Graphs with Distance Guarantees

Ulrik Brandes, 1999
Layout of Graph Visualizations


Florian Grötschla, 2020
Parallel FlowCutter Refinement for Hypergraph Partitioning

Adrian Grupp, 2020
A Comparative Analysis of Switchings in Static and Dynamic Power Grids

Yani Kolev, 2019
Solving geometric optimization problems by reinforcement learning: crossing minimization

Paul Jungeblut, 2019
Edge Guarding Plane Graphs

Armin Wiebigke, 2019
Engineering Overlapping Community Detection based on the Ego-Splitting Framework

Lena Winter, 2019
Transmission Network Expansion Planning for Curing Critical Edges

Sebastian Schmidt, 2019
A specialized model for optimized memory consumption of time-dependent Contraction Hierarchies

Oliver Plate, 2019
Ridesharing with Multiple Riders

Almut Demel, 2018
On Collinearity of Independent Sets - Algorithmic Challenges

Christian Bräuer, 2018
Route Planning with Temporary Road Closures

Lasse Wulf, 2018
Top Trumps -- The Graph-Theoretical Structure behind a Children's Game

Chao Wang, 2018
Transmission Network Expansion Planning using the Railway Network

Jonas Sauer, 2018
Faster Public Transit Routing with Unrestricted Walking

Larisa Duczek, 2018
Beobachtungen des Maximalen Flexiblen Drehstromübertragungssystem Flusses

Moritz Klammler, 2018
Aesthetic Value of Graph Layouts: Investigation of Statistical Syndromes for Automatic Quantification

Sophie von Schmettow, 2017
Visualizing Opinion Space – Interactive Geographic Map Representations for Dynamic Opinion Datasets

Lars Gottesbüren, 2017
Aligned Drawings of Level Planar Graphs

Patrick Niklaus, 2017
A Unified Framework for Electric Vehicle Routing

Chau Nguyen, 2017
Engineering Multimodal Transit Route Planning

Sven Zühlsdorf, 2017
Engineering FPT-based Edge Editing Algorithms

Peter Stumpf, 2017
More on Different Graph Covering Numbers - Structural, Extremal and Algorithmic Results

Carina Mieth, 2017
Observability of Multi-Carrier Energy Distribution Networks and Optimal Sensor Placement

Marianne Petersen, 2017
Simultaneous Circle Graphs

Tim Zeitz, 2017
Engineering Distributed Graph Clustering using MapReduce

Matthias Wolf, 2016
Bend Minimization of Ortho-Radial Graph Drawings

Klara Reichard, 2016
Rectilinear Crossing Minimization

Sebastian Lehmann, 2016
Simulated Annealing-Based Heuristics for Wind Farm Cabling Problems

Jonathan Klawitter, 2016
Algorithms for crossing minimisation in book drawings

David Weiß, 2015
Efficient Enumeration of All Reasonable Journeys in Public Transport Networks

Alexander Wirth, 2015
Algorithms for Contraction Hierarchies on Public Transit Networks

Valentin Buchhold, 2015
Fast Computation of Isochrones in Road Networks

Simeon Andreev, 2015
Consumption and Travel Time Profiles in Electric Vehicle Routing

Marcel Radermacher, 2015
How to Draw a Planarization

Fabian Klute, 2015
Connecting Points with Low-Complexity Polynomial Curves in a Polygon

Alfred Schuhmacher, 2015
Software Visualization via Hierarchic Graphs

Boris Klemz, 2014
Weighted Disk Contact Graphs

Tobias Zündorf, 2014
Route Planning for Electric Vehicles with Realistic Charging Models

Tim Ulrich, 2014
Heuristiken für kombinierte Standort- und Gebietsplanung mit vorgegebenen und zusätzlichen, frei wählbaren Standorten

Christian Schmitz, 2014
Experimental study on the Wind Farm Substation Cable Installation Problem

Michael Hamann, 2014
Experiments on Simmelian Backbones for Clustering Social Networks

Erik Prause, 2014
Three Dimensional Dynamic Point Labelling

Franziska Wegner, 2014
Network Flow Models for Power Grids

Lukas Hartmann, 2013
Charakterisierung simultaner Planarität mittels verbotener Substrukturen

Moritz v. Looz, 2013
Discovery of latent features and clusters based on similarities in brain function

Jan Christoph Athenstädt, 2013
Simultaneous Visualization of Clusterings

Jonathan Rollin, 2013
Conflict-Free Colorings of Graphs and Hypergraphs

Robert Jungblut, 2013
Knickminimierung in orthogonalen Zeichnungen fast-planarer Graphen mit fester Topologie

Tobias Columbus, 2012
Search Space Size in Contraction Hierarchies

Joan Reixach, 2012
Constraint Programming based Local Search for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

Ben Strasser, 2012
Delay-robust Stochastic Routing in Timetable Networks

Benjamin Niedermann, 2012
Consistent Labeling of Dynamic Maps Using Smooth Trajectories

Roman Prutkin, 2012
Kontaktrepräsentationen von kantengewichteten planaren Graphen

Neil Jami, 2012
Point Labeling with Leaders for Convex Boundaries

Daniel Patejdl, 2012
Embedding Graphs on Non-Standard Grids

David Oertel, 2012
Energy Network Enhancement and Stability

Fabian Fuchs, 2012
Analysis of Scheduling and Topology-Control Algorithms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Christof Doll, 2012
Automatic Layout Generation for Argument Maps

Oscar Fofie Lafou, 2011
Vergleich von Algorithmen zur Erkennung von Clusterungen variabler Granularität anhand von Zufallsgraphen

Jan-Hinrich Kämper, 2011
Cartograms and Circular-arc simplification of polygonal subdivisions

Thomas Gramer, 2011
Local Search Approaches For Delay Management

Moritz Baum, 2011
On Preprocessing the Arc-Flags Algorithm

Thomas Bläsius, 2011
Simultaneous PQ-Ordering with Applications to Constrained Embedding Problems

Christian Staudt, 2011
Network Analysis of Scientific Collaborations

Christian Staudt, 2011
Network Analysis of Scientific Collaborations

Jan-Ole Sasse, 2011
Route Planning in Road Networks with Turn Costs and Multi Edge Restrictions

David Lisowski, 2011
Modularity-basiertes Clustern von dynamischen Graphen im Offline-Fall

Edith Brunel, 2011
Zooming Out: Generalization of Geometric Graphs

Felix Brandt, 2010
Solving a Large-Scale Energy Management Problem with Varied Constraints

Hanno Kersting, 2010
Algorithm Engineering in der Praxis am Fallbeispiel eines VRP

Andreas Gemsa, 2009
Schematized Visualization of Shortest Paths in Road Networks

Andrea Schumm, 2009
Heuristic Algorithms for the Shortcut Problem

Thomas Pajor, 2009
Multi-Modal Route Planning

Manuel Krings, 2009
Simultane Schnitte in Graphen

Johannes Wirges, 2009
Routing Order Pickers in Warehouses with Occurrences of Blocking Effects

Selma Mukhtar, 2009
Dynamische Clusteranalyse für DM-Verkaufsdaten

Fabian König, 2008
Scheduling in the Water Business

Stefanie Nagel, 2008
Optimisation of Clustering Algorithms for the Identification of Customer Profiles from Shopping Cart Data

Tanja Hartmann, 2008
Clustering Dynamic Graphs with Guaranteed Quality

Markus Völker, 2008
Scheduling and Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

Florian Hübner, 2008
The Dynamic Graph Clustering Problem - ILP-Based Approaches Balancing Optimality and the Mental Map

Dieter Glaser, 2008
Zeitexpandiertes Graphenclustern - Modellierung und Experimente

Dennis Schieferdecker, 2008
Systematic Combination of Speed-Up Techniques for exact Shortest-Path Queries

Lin Huang, 2007
A Node's Perspective of Changing Properties in Dynamic Networks

Ignaz Rutter, 2007
Schnelle Berechnung von großen Matchings

Sebastian Knopp, 2006
Efficient Computation of Many-to-Many Shortest Paths

Reinhard Bauer, 2006
Dynamic Speed-Up Techniques for Dijkstra's Algorithm

Kirill Müller, 2006
Design and Implementation of an Effcient Hierarchical Speed-up Technique for Computation of Exact Shortest Paths in Graphs

Daniel Delling, 2006
Analyse und Evaluierung von Vergleichsmaßen für Graphclusterungen

Bastian Katz, 2006
Richtungsbasierte Lokalisierung von Sensornetzwerken

Markus Maier, 2005
Disjunkte kürzeste Wege in drahtlosen Sensornetzen

Nikolaus Mutsanas, 2005
Zuordnung von Punkten mittels geometrischer Objekte

Martin Nöllenburg, 2005
Automated Drawing of Metro Maps

Robert Görke, 2004
Ein Schneller Konstruktionsalgorithmus für eine Quickest-Path-Map bezüglich der City-Metrik

Christoph Gulden, 2004
Algorithmic analysis of large networks by computing structural indices

Michael Baur, 2003
Kantenkreuzungen in Kreislayouts

Steffen Mecke, 2003
Standortplanung von Bahnhöfen

Silke Wagner, 2003
Optimierung des Demographic Clustering Algorithmus

Martin Holzer, 2003
Hierarchical Speed-up Techniques for Shortest-Path Algorithms

Boris Alexander Köpf, 2002
Fixed Parameter Algorithms on Planar Graphs

Burkhard Möller, 2002
Zentralitäten in Graphen

Marco Gaertler, 2002
Clustering with Spectral Methods

Martin Oberhofer, 2002
Konstruktion 3-dimensionaler, konvexer Polytope

Christian Fieß, 2001
Algorithmen zur Visualisierung von Schnitten in Graphen

Thomas Schank, Zulassungsarbeit 2001
Algorithmen zur Visualisierung planarer, partitionierter Graphen

Frank Müller, 2000
Visualisierung von Status in Sozialen Netzwerken

Frank Schulz, 2000
Efficient Algorithms for a Timetable Information System

Vanessa Kääb, 1999
Dualität von Suchstrategien auf planaren Graphen

Thomas Willhalm, 1998
Using Discrete Mathematics to Reconstruct the Topology of a CAD-Datamodel

Annegret Liebers, 1996
Methods for Planarizing Graphs


Nicholas Bieker, 2020
Complexity of Graph Drawing Problems in Relation to the Existential Theory of the Reals

Marc Jenne, 2020
Minimum-Cost Flow Algorithms for the Wind Farm Cabling Problem

Jakob Wagenblatt, 2019
Routenplanung mit temporären Straßensperrungen und ortsabhängigen Wartekosten

Jonas Spinner, 2019
Weighted F-free Edge Editing

Vera Chekan, 2019
Upward-Rightward-Prescribed Planarity

Emil Dohse, 2019
Simultaneous Integer Flows

Fabian Frank, 2019
Drawing Hypergraphs as Metro Maps

Michael Zündorf, 2019
Customizable Contraction Hierarchies with Turn Costs

John Gelhausen, 2019
A Comparative Study of Overlapping Community Detection Algorithms

Florian Krone, 2019
Algorithmische Werkzeuge zur Analyse von Routingdaten basierend auf historischen Fahrzeugtrajektorien

Robert Mumper, 2019
Erweiterungsplanung in elektrischen Netzen mittels dynamischer Programmierung

Moritz Halm, 2019
Algorithms for the Pagination Problem on Public Transit Networks

Oliver Suchan, 2018
On Rigidity of Graphs

Nadine Krisam, 2018
Drawing of Level Planar Graphs with Fixed Slopes

Florian Krüger, 2018
A Block-Cut-Tree-based Switching Algorithm for Cacti

Peter Maucher, 2018
Dijkstra-basiertes Mapmatching

Dominik Stampa, 2018
Verkabelung von Windfarmen auf Bäumen

Niklas Fuhrberg, 2018
Wind Farm Cabling using Spectral Clustering

Laura Merker, 2018
Local Page Numbers

Florian Grötschla, 2017
On the Complexity of Public Transit Profile Queries

Paul Jungeblut, 2017
On Interval Planar Graphs

Hannah Wenk, 2017
Clusteringansätze von Windfarmen

Ivo Baar, 2017
Entwicklung eines genetischen Algorithmus zur effizienten Verkabelung von Windfarmen

Rashad Asgarbayli, 2017
Drawing Planar GitHub Network Graphs

Nina Zimbel, 2017
Unpacking Planar Clustered Graphs:To Bend or not to Bend?

Lukas Hennig, 2017
Heuristiken zum Organisieren von Sitzungen

Jakob Nedlin, 2017
Ant-based Algorithms for the Wind Farm Cable Layout Problem

Matthias Schimek, 2016
On Threshold Editing

Holger Ebhart, 2016
Umlegeverfahren für öffentliche Verkehrsnetze mittels minimal erwarteter Ankunftszeit

Oliver Plate, 2016
Semi-externes Clustern von Graphen mit der Louvain-Methode

Lasse Wulf, 2016
Stacked Treewidth and the Colin de Verdière Number

Philipp Schoch, 2015
Editing to (P5, C5)-free Graphs - a Model for Community Detection?

Jonas Sauer, 2015
Energy-Optimal Routes for Electric Vehicles with Charging Stops

Peter Stumpf, 2015
On Covering Numbers of Different Kinds

Jonas Krautter, 2015
Iterative Local Community Detection Combining Graph Structure and Attribute Similarity

Maximilian Geißer, 2015
Kreuzungsminimierung bei simultaner Einbettung planarer Graphen

Markus Schlegel, 2015
Experimental Evaluation of Distributed Node Coloring Algorithms in the SINR Model

Matthias Tangemann, 2014
Routing mit Violations

Yordan Boev, 2014
Automated Generation of Destination Maps

Eric Sallermann, 2014
Schematic Graph-Based Layout of Secondary Protein Structures

Jonathan Klawitter, 2014
Transforming rectangles into squares: An introduction to the squarability problem

Anne Cathérine Jäger, 2014
Visualisierung eines Abfahrtsgraphen mittels ILP

Tilman Väth,2014
Entwicklung einer anwendungsorientierten Packheuristik mit Hohlraumdefragmentierung

Matthias Wolf, 2014
On the Distributed Computation of Fractional Connected Dominating Set Packings

Adrian Herrmann, 2014
Visualisierung planarer Graphen mit kleiner äußerer Facette

Ruben Gehring, 2014
Optimizing Orthogonal Edge Routing for Microfluidic Biochip Layouts

Sarah Lutteropp, 2014
On Layered Drawings of Planar Graphs

Manuel Schweigert, 2014
Distributed Node Coloring Algorithms for Directed Graphs

Leonie Sautter, 2014
Approximate Shortest Gentle Paths on Terrains

Janis Hamme, 2013
Customizable Route Planning in External Memory

Lorenz Hübschle-Schneider, 2013
Speed–Consumption Trade-Off for Electric Vehicle Routing

Sven Zühlsdorf, 2013
Efficient Calculation and Visualisation of Range Polygons

Boris Klemz, 2013
Minimum-weight tree supports and tree-shaped area-proportional Euler diagrams

Stefan Orf, 2013
Approximative und heuristische Algorithmen für trajektorienbasierte Kartenbeschriftung

Joachim Priesner, 2013
Labeling Maps with Free Spaces

Simon Bischof, 2013
Induzierte Bäume in planaren Graphen

Tobias Fleck, 2013
Minimun-Contamination Probleme mit Bezug zu Graphclustern

Huyen Chau Nguyen, 2013
Regular Augmentations of Planar Graphs with Low Degree

Guido Brückner, 2013
Higher-Degree Orthogonal Graph Drawing with Flexibility Constraints

Annette Karrer, 2013
Simultane Einbettungen außenplanarer Graphen

Philipp Christian Loewner, 2013
Core Augmentation for Subgraphs

Uwe Korn, 2013
Parameter-free Outlier-aware Clustering on Attributed Graphs

Tim Zeitz, 2013
Weak Contraction Hierarchies Work!

Philipp Glaser, 2013
Finding Graph Clusterings with varying Coarseness

Simeon Danailov Andreev, 2012
Realistic Pedestrian Routing

Yvonne Braun, 2012
Engineering von Algorithmen zur Berechnung von Betweenness-Varianten

Sebastian Lehmann, 2012
Bend Minimization in Planar Orthogonal Drawings

Daniel Hoske, 2012
Book Embedding with Fixed Page Assignments

Tobias Zündorf, 2012
Effiziente Berechnung guter Joggingrouten

Jakob von Raumer, 2012
Visualisierung hyperbolischer Kachelungen

Philipp Schneider, 2012
Feed-Links in Polygonen

Alexander Koch, 2012
Outside-Obstacle Visibility Representations of Graphs

Georg Osang, 2012
Unavoidable Trees and Forests in Graphs

Jörg Weisbarth, 2012
Shortest-Path Cover auf Eingeschränkten Graph-Klassen

Jonathan Rollin, 2012
Reguläre Erweiterung Planarer Graphen

Andreas Bauer, 2012
Multimodal Profile Queries

Michael Nagel, 2012
Bounded Verification of an Optimized Shortest Path Implementation

Christian Wellenbrock,2011
Algorithmen zur Intuitiven Manipulation Geometrischer Graphen -- Layout-Adaptierung für Drag&Drop-Operationen

Jan Athenstädt,2011
Layout and Visualization of Large, Hierarchically Clustered Graphs

Heiner Zille,2011
Berechnung simpler Routen mit Distanzgarantien

Tobias Haaß,2011
Analyse und Visualisierung von georeferenzierten sozialen Netzen am Beispiel standortgebundener Infrastrukturprojekte

Michael Hamann, 2011
Complete Hierarchical Cut-Clustering: An Analysis of Guarantee and Quality

Roland Gröll, 2011
Efficient Algorithms for Core Augmentation Problems

Roland Kluge, 2011
An Efficient Generator for Large Clustered Dynamic Random Networks

Florian Merz, 2011
Generating Graphs with Guarantees on Partition Costs

Moritz von Looz, 2011
Finding maximum-weight consistent digitally convex regions

Christof Doll, 2011
Hierarchical Cut Clustering in Dynamic Scenarios

Ben Strasser, 2010
Speed Dating: An Algorithmic Case Study Involving Matching and Scheduling

Fofie Lafou, 2010
Engineering von Modularity-basiertem Graphenclustern

Fabian Fuchs, 2010
On Preprocessing the ALT-Algorithm

Thomas Bläsius, 2010
Orthogonal Graph Drawing with Flexibility Constraints

Jan-Ole Sasse, 2010
Linear Space All-Pairs Shortest-Paths Computation on Road Networks

Tobias Columbus, 2009
On the Complexity of Contraction Hierarchies

Romuald Brillout, 2009
A Multi-Level Framework for Bisection Heuristics

Robert Franke, 2009
Matchings in planaren Graphen mit festem Minimalgrad

Thomas Gramer, 2009
Druckzonenermittlung in Wasserversorgungssystemen mittels graphentheoretischer Ansätze

Jonathan Dees, 2009
Simultaneous Matchings in Dynamic Graphs

Christian Staudt, 2009
Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Graph Clustering Algorithms

Edith Brunel, 2009
Shortcut Removal on SHARC

Daniel Karch, 2008
The Shortcut Problem on Paths

Andreas Gemsa, 2008
Arc-Flag Compression

Christian Schulz, 2008
Design and experimental evaluation of a local graph clustering algorithm

Thomas Pajor, 2008
Goal Directed Speed-Up Techniques for Shortest-Path Queries in Timetable Networks

Manuel Krings, 2008
LP-basierte Heuristiken für Graphenclusterung mit Modularity als Qualitätsmaß

Abian Blome, 2007
Empirical Analysis of k-Betweenness

Tanja Hartmann, 2007
Approximative Matchings in Cross-Match-Tests

Steffen Lang, 2007
Protein domain decomposition using spectral graph partitioning

Myriam Freidinger, 2007
Minimale Schnitte und Schnittbäume

Lin Huang, 2007
Survey on Generators for Internet Topologies at the AS Level

Jochen Speck, 2006
Clustern mit beschränkter Clustergröße

Tirdad Rahmani, 2006
Experimentelle Analyse von Freiheitsgraden im Planar-Separator-Theorem

Tobias Matzner, 2005
Min-Wise Independent Permutaion Families

Kirill Müller, 2005
Berechnung kürzester Pfade unter Beachtung von Abbiegeverboten

Marcus Krug, 2005
Ein multidimensionaler Vergleich zwischen spektralen und kräftebasierten Layouts

Moritz Minzlaff, 2005
Beschriften gewichteter Punkte mit verschiebbaren Labeln

Sebastian Knopp, 2005
Schnelle Berechnung von kürzesten Wegen in Graphen unter Benutzung höherdimensionaler Layouts

Florian Widmann, 2005
Manhattan-Netzwerke und Stufenpolygone

Birk Schütz, 2005
Partition-Based Speed-Up of Dijkstra s Algorithm

Daniel Delling, 2004
Experimentelle Untersuchung von Clusterungsgeneratoren mittels Qualitätsindizes