Institut für Theoretische Informatik, Algorithmik

Graph Generators

We provide command line tools generating graphs in the GraphML format, along with a Postscript converter for visualization. We have tested the binaries only on the platforms they have been built on and can give no warranty that they can be executed on different platforms.


See the README for the available graph types.

Sample Graphs

Planar Delaunay  Globe  Hierarchical Delaunay  Icosahedron  Planar  Rectangular  Sixgrid  Sphere  Triangular  Waxman

From left to right and top to bottom: Delaunay Triangulation (planar_delaunay), Globe, Hierarchical Delaunay, Icosahedron, Planar, Rectangular, Sixgrid, Sphere Approximation (triangle2 with icosahedron), Triangular (triangle), Waxman.

Further Graph Generators

This section lists further graph generators developed by ITI-members for ITI-members, which are not publicly available.

  • Core-Generator
    This generator returns graphs with a given core structure. The core structure is characterized by the number of vertices in each core-shell, the number of edges within each shell and the number of edges between each pair of shells. More details can be found in this publication [ pdf ].
    A wiki page describing how to use the generator is linked here.