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intelligent Zero Emission Urban System

Project Members


IKT für Elektromobilität II, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie


The project intelligent Zero Emission Urban System (iZeus) is a cooperation of the KIT and several industrial partners concerning research, developement, and demonstration in a wide domain involving energy efficiency for vehicles and traffic. The focus of the project is on two areas called Smart Traffic and Smart Grid. A key aspect of Smart Traffic is the integration of electric vehicles for both private and urban economic transactions into traffic guidance and planning. A multi-modal concept will be developed, evaluated and demonstrated in fleet tests including a significant number of vehicles. The concept of Smart Grid focuses on integration of renewable energy sources and stabilization of distribution networks by decentralized energy and charging management.

As its main contribution with regard to the iZeus project the ITI will provide algorithmic approaches for fast computation of battery-efficient routes. The primary goal is to improve the acceptance of electric vehicles among the broader public by providing a precise and context sensitive indication of the remaining range of a vehicle. Moreover, battery efficiency can be improved by both suggesting routes to the user that optimize energy consumption and giving instructions for economical driving behaviour. Developed approaches will be implemented and integrated into a navigation system that will be introduced in a field test in cooperation with the industrial partners of the project.

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