Institut für Theoretische Informatik, Algorithmik

Seminar Algorithmentechnik -- Algorithmic Methods in the Humanities

Sommersemestester 2016


  • 12.05.16 Changes in the program: First presentations moved to 2.06. Additional meeting for presentations on 24.06 (Friday), which will take place at 9:45 in SR301 (usual time and place).

General Information

  • Seminar meeting: Thursday 9:45 Uhr, SR301 (Informatikgebäude 50.34)
  • Preliminary meeting: Thursday, 21.4. 9:45 Uhr, SR301 (Informatikgebäude 50.34)
  • Credits: 4LP
  • Registration: Via email to Dr. Tamara Mchedlidze (please include your „Matrikelnummer“). The number of participants is limited.
  • Language: The seminar will be held in English


Digital humanities is an area of research at the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities, e.g., history, philosophy, linguistics, literature, art, archaeology, music, as well as cultural and social sciences. Digital humanities scholars use computational methods to answer existing research questions in humanity sciences or to pioneer new approaches. The goal of the seminar is to get an overview of the algorithms that lie at the core of these computational methods.


The written reports of some of the participants of the seminar have been collected in a booklet.


At the first, preliminary meeting, the topics will be briefly presented and assigned to the participants. Afterwards each participant explores their topic using the given literature as a starting point. After a couple of weeks each participant gives a 5-minute short presentation on their topic. During the semester we will then have the main presentations on separate days. By the end of the semester and after a peer review phase, each participant has to hand in a written report of 12–15 pages in LaTeX. The overall grade depends on the main presentation (60%) and the written report (40%).

Please use LaTeX for composing the written report with this template:

Schedule (subject to small changes)

Datum Thema Material
21.4. Topic Distribution seminarintro_2.pdf
12.5. Short presentations
2.6. Presentations
9.6. Presentations
16.6. Presentations
23.6. Presentations
24.6. Presentations
15.7. Submission of the document
10.8. Submission of the reviews
9.9. Submission of the final document

List of Topics

Titel Termin Student Betreuer
Close and Distant Reading: humanities aspect 2.6 Nico Dr. Benjamin Niedermann
Visualizations for Close Reading 2.6. Nick Dr. Benjamin Niedermann
Visualizations for Distant Reading 9.6. Sophie Dr. Benjamin Niedermann
Similarity of Notions 9.6. Longfei Dr. Tamara Mchedlidze
Text-variant graphs 16.6. Guangping Dr. Tamara Mchedlidze
Text Matching 16.6. Moritz Dr. Tamara Mchedlidze
Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Topic Recognition 23.6 Florian Dr. Ignaz Rutter
Syntax Trees 23.6 Jan Dr. Tamara Mchedlidze
Text based Topic Labeling 24.6 Chao Dr. Michael Hamann
Topic Labeling using DBPedia 24.6. Germaine Dr. Michael Hamann


Tips & Tricks for presentations an scientific writing.

Information on using ipe for figures und presentations.