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The PTV-Europe road graph instance is available free of charge for scientific research purposes. However, before we are allowed to share the data, a short non-disclosure agreement must be signed. Please contact any member of our group for a copy of the agreement (1 page) and instructions on contacting PTV.


The TIGER-DIMACS-USA-Graph road graph instances are available for download from the website of the corresponding DIMACS challenge.


The following graphs were extracted from OpenStreetMap data.

The data originally comes from OpenStreetMap. We used the download provided by Geofabrik. We downloaded the data on the 23rd October 2014. We then used OSRM to extract a routing graph with the „car“ profile. Finally we converted the so obtained graph into the format used during the DIMACS challenge. Note that, as all OSM-based road graphs, there is a huge amount of degree 2 nodes compared to graphs from other sources.

Name Node Count Edge Count
OSM BaWü 3M 6M
OSM Germany 20M 42M
OSM Europe 174M 348M