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This collection of graph visualization tools was assembled mid 2005. They are listed in alphabetical order. Descriptions and comments may be based on older versions of the software, therefore they may be inaccurate or incorrect. Are some tools missing or the description totally out dated? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

--- 0-9 ---


  • Description: A package of recent 3D orthogonal graph drawing algorithms. It is developed in C++ under Unix. VRML and GML output is available and OpenGL output is still under development.
  • Contact: Project Team
  • Licence: university project

--- A ---

AGD - A Library of Algorithms for Graph Drawing

  • Description: AGD is an object-oriented C++ library of algorithms for handling and drawing graphs. Requires LEDA.
  • Licence: There are different versions available for academic and commercial purposes.



  • Description: angela! is a Natural Graph Editor with Layouting Algorithms for Unix. It is written in C and uses Tcl/Tk and Tix.
  • Contact: ?
  • Licence: Source code and binary versions are freely available.

--- D ---


  • Description: daVinci is a X-Window visualization tool for drawing directed graphs automatically in high quality.
  • Contact: daVinci has been developed by Michael Fröhlich and Mattias Werner from the Group of Prof. Dr. Bernd Krieg-Brückner at University of Bremen, Germany.
  • Licence: daVinci is licensed free of charge for non-profit use.

--- G ---

GAT/GET/GLT - Graph Analysis/Editor/Layout Toolkit Product Family

GDToolkit - Graph Drawing Toolkit

  • Description: GDToolkit is an object-oriented C++ library for handling and drawing graphs. It includes a graph editor that can be used to call several drawing algorithms and a batch layout generator. Requires LEDA.
  • Licence: The license is distributed free of charge for academic research and teaching, for details see License.

GRAPPA - A Java GRAph PAckage

  • Description: A GRAPh PAckage written in Java. It provides an application programming interface (API).
  • Contact: AT & T Lab research
  • Licence: GRAPPA is licensed under the same arrangements used for Graphviz.

GRIP - Graph dRawing with Intelligent Placement

  • Description: GRIP is designed for drawing large graphs and uses a novel multi-dimensional force-directed method together with fast energy function minimization. The algorithm underlying the system employs a simple recursive coarsening scheme. Rather than being placed at random, vertices are placed intelligently, several at a time, at locations close to their final positions. The running time and space complexity of the system are nearly linear. The implementation is in C using OpenGL for 3D viewing.
  • Licence: Freely available (also source code).


  • Description: This is an „ Internet computing “ framework in which a family of geometric computing servers execute a variety of geometric algorithms on behalf of remote clients. These can be either users interacting through a Web browser interface or application programs connecting directly through sockets.
  • Contact: ?
  • Licence: non-commercial


  • Description: Graph editor for Unix. It uses XPM and Elk (optionally).
  • Contact: Niels C. Larsen, Martin K. Molzand Kurt Normark
  • Licence: Ginger is distributed as freeware under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

GraVis - The Graph Visualisation Tool


  • Description: Filter program written in ANSI C that takes a list of nodes and edges and produces a list of coordinates or a Postscript file.
  • Licence: ?


  • Description: A toolkit for graph editors and graph algorithms. Available for Unix and Windows systems.
  • Licence: Binary versions are freely available for non-commercial use.


--- I ---

Interactive Graph Drawing

  • Description: A Java applet that provides a graph editor and some drawing algorithms (force directed, hierarchical, circular).
  • Contact: The system was implemented primarily by Ulfar Erlingsson, but in collaboration with Mukkai Krishnamoorthy.
  • Licence: Sources are available on the web page.

--- J ---

JIGGLE - Java Interactive Graph Layout Environment

  • Description: JIGGLE is a Java-based platform for experimenting with numerical optimisation approaches to general graph layout. Its features include an implementation of the Barnes-Hut tree code and an optimization procedure on the conjugate gradient method.
  • Contact: Daniel Tunkelan
  • Licence: ?


  • Description: JUNG - the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework–is a software library that provides a common and extendible language for the modeling, analysis, and visualization of data that can be represented as a graph or network. It is written in Java, which allows JUNG -based applications to make use of the extensive built-in capabilities of the Java API, as well as those of other existing third-party Java libraries. Refer to overview for details.
  • Licence: Open-source library

--- L ---

LEDA - Library of Efficient Data types and Algorithms

  • Description: Collection of data structures and algorithms. For example: geometric objects in 2D and 3D, parameterised graphs, algorithms for finding connected, strongly connected components.
  • Licence: Many different licenses. Refer to licenses for details.

--- P ---


  • Description: A package for the analysis of large networks on Windows platforms. It supports hierarchical and clustered graphs, e.g. an interface for genealogy. Several variations of 2D and 3D layout algorithms based on physical models, eigenvalues, and layers are included. Furthermore, various tools for partitioning, numbering, etc. are provided.
  • Licence: Binary can be (freely) downloaded from the web page.

--- T ---


  • Description: Tulip software is a system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs.
  • Contact: ?
  • Licence: GNU GPL

--- V ---

VCG - Visualization of Compiler Graphs

  • Description: A tool to produce layered drawings of directed graphs. Various Unix platforms are supported and there exists also a Windows 3.1 port. The main design goal has been speed. It can be used interactively or as a command line tool.
  • Licence: GNU GPL

VGJ - Visualizing Graphs with Java

  • Description: Visualizing Graphs with Java. Currently, there is mainly the graph editor distributed under the GNU general public license. The data format is GML. Some basic algorithms for trees as well as a spring embedder are included.

visone - analysis and visualization of social networks

  • Description: visone is a tool for analysing and visualising social networks. It is specifically designed to allow experts and novices alike to apply innovative and advanced visual methods with ease and accuracy.
  • Contact: Project Team
  • Licence: visone is free for academic and research purposes, and no registration is required. Refer to for details.

--- Y ---


  • Description: The yFiles are Java packages that form a framework for the development of applications, which need to visualise graphs. Included are diverse graph layout and labeling algorithms, graph editor components (2D and 3D) and demo applications.
  • Licence: Many different license types are provided, for details see licenses.