Road Graphs

The data collected on this site has been provided for scientific use courtesy of PTV AG, Karlsruhe . No warranties whatsoever.


* All graphs come directed. In particular, one-way streets are represented by single directed edges, and each unrestricted street by two edges pointing in opposite directions. In the original data, some roads are marked 'closed for general traffic'; we deliberately ignored these restrictions in order to get a bigger graph. Edges model either road segments or ferry connections. For each road segment, its corresponding travel distance and category (e.g., motorway, national road, local street) are given. For edges representing ferry connections, its corresponding travel time is given.
* Our graphs contain most Western European countries (except for the Czech Republik, Finland, and Ireland), glued together (note that the resulting graph is not connected). We use two different types of edge lengths:
* Time metric: One unit corresponds to 1/10 second: for ferries we adopted the given time, for road segments we assumed average travel times of 130 km/h, 120 km/h, …, 10 km/h for the 13 different road categories (from fast motorway to gravel roads).
* Distance metric: One unit corresponds to 1 meter: for road segments we adopted the given length, for ferries we computed the great-circle distance between source and target node.
* Coordinates represent longitudes and latitudes; one unit corresponds to 1/100000 degree, and positive and negative numbers stand for the Eastern and the Western hemisphere, respectively.


Metric Nodes Edges Graph Coordinates
Time 18010173 42560279
Distance 18010173 42560279