Institut für Theoretische Informatik, Algorithmik

URAW 2004

Upper Rhine Algorithms Workshop 2004

March 19-20, 2004
Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany


This year's Upper Rhine Algorithms Workshop (URAW) will take place on March 19/20, 2004, at Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany. It is intended to bring together researchers in the field of algorithms in the (wider) Upper-Rhine-Region. We invite all participants to give a presentation (approx. 20-30 minutes). Due to its informal nature, this workshop should be particularly - but not exclusively - attractive for students to present their work.


The workshop will take place at the main building of the Department of Computer Science (Informatik-Hauptgebäude, Am Fasanengarten 5) in Room -101. There is an overhead projector, an LCD projector for laptop-based presentations and a blackboard available.

Please have a look at our visitor information pages (in German).


There will be a registration fee of 35 EUR to be paid in cash upon registration. The fee covers coffee breaks and conference dinner.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner (on friday evening) will take place there at Hoepfner Burghof (Großes Nebenzimmer).


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the organizers.

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