Barbecue 2013

Date: 17 July, 2013

Location: Somewhere on the inner courtyard of building 50.34 (see blue area).

We will start heating the fire around 6pm. Families and partners are welcome to join. As always, bring your own meat/vegetables to put on the grill and also some other food to share on the buffet like a salad, dessert, bread etc.

Beer and soft drinks will be provided for all participants.

Please quote in the following table what you are going to bring for the shared buffet (try to keep it diverse) and how many people are going to accompany you.

Name Food additional persons
Benjamin 0
Christian St2 couscous salads (1 vegetarian) 0
Tanja potato salad 0 oder 1
Martin water melon 1 + 2 kids
Thomas B grapes & cheese 0
Julian -1–0
Andrea herb butter 0
Herbert 6 baguettes 0
Andreas 0
Abhijith barbecue sauce 0
Moritz 0
Ben something salad-like 1 person (no wheat bread)
Timo B
Dennis L
Christian S
Roman tomatoes 0
Roland green salad 0
Fabian cucumber salat 0
Thomas P. -1–0 (maybe for a short diss-break)
Dominik K.pack of crisps and 2 packs of bacon 0