Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics

Supervised Theses

Master's Theses

Dominik Stampa, 2022
Theory and Algorithms of the Solar Farm Cable Layout Problem
supervised with Sascha Gritzbach

Max Göttlicher, 2021
Planning Geometric Microgrid Cable Layouts

Ivo Baar, 2021
Optimizing the Distributed Storage Problem using Time-Expanded Network Flow
supervised with Lukas Barth, Sascha Gritzbach and Fabian Neumann (IAI)

Adrian Grupp, 2019
A Comparative Analysis of Switchings in Static and Dynamic Power Grids
supervised with Franziska Wegner

Lena Winter, 2019
Transmission Network Expansion Planning for Curing Critical Edges
supervised with Lukas Barth und Franziska Wegner

Chao Wang, 2018
Transmission Network Expansion Planning using the Railway Network
supervised with Franziska Wegner

Bachelor's Theses


Alina Valta, 2020
Negative Cycle Canceling for Cost-Efficient Wind Farm Planning
supervised with Sascha Gritzbach

Niklas Meier, 2020
Negative Cycle Canceling for the Wind Farm Cabling Problem with Distribution Nodes
supervised with Sascha Gritzbach

Marc Jenne, 2020
Minimum-Cost Flow Algorithms for the Wind Farm Cabling Problem
supervised with Sascha Gritzbach

Robert Mumper, 2019
Erweiterungsplanung in elektrischen Netzen mittels dynamischer Programmierung
supervised with Franziska Wegner

Florian Krüger, 2018
A Block-Cut-Tree-based Switching Algorithm for Cacti
supervised with Franziska Wegner

Dominik Stampa, 2018
Verkabelung von Windfarmen auf Bäumen
supervised with Sascha Gritzbach