Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics

Research Projects

Metro Maps

Metro maps are schematic maps for transportation networks such as metro or subway systems in large cities. » more

Reporting Flock Patterns

A study in Alaska gave the motivation for this work: caribous had been endowed with GPS collars in order to analyze their behavior. » more

Voronoi Diagram for the City-Metric

Given a set S of n point sites in the plane, the City Voronoi diagram partitions the plane into the Voronoi regions of the sites, with respect to the City metric. » more

Minimum Mannhattan Networks

Given a set of n points in the plane, a Manhattan network is the union of vertical and horizontal line segments. » more

Boundary Labeling

Points contained in a rectangle R shall be labeled by label rectangles that are bordering R. » more

Cover Contact Graphs

Cover contact graphs are defined by a vertex set S of geometric objects that are covered by another set C. » more

Morphing of Polygonal Lines

Continuous zooming in interactive maps requires linear objects to change smoothly with scale. » more

Interference Networks

A set of n communication hosts is to be connected via a communication network that should cause interferences as less as possible. » more

Configurations with Few Crossings

Given a connected graph G with its embedding in the plane, does G contain a crossing-free spanning tree? » more


Various other topics we have been interested in. » more