Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics


Unless otherwise noted, the following courses (taught in German) were implemented by the Chair of Algorithmics I, Universität Karlsruhe (TH).

Summer Term of 2009

Winter Term of 2008/09

Summer Term of 2008

Winter Term of 2007/08

Summer Term of 2007

Winter Term of 2006/07

Summer Term of 2006

Summer Term of 2005

Winter Term of 2004/05

Summer Term of 2004

Winter Term of 2003/04

Winter Term of 1999/2000 to Summer Term of 2003

  • Tutorial course on Algorithms and Data Structures (held by Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner) at Universität Konstanz
  • Tutorial courses on Statistics for Psychologists (held by Prof. Dr. Jan Beran) at Universität Konstanz