Unless otherwise noted, the following courses (taught in German) were implemented by the Chair of Algorithmics I, Universität Karlsruhe (TH).

Summer Term of 2009

Winter Term of 2008/09

Summer Term of 2008

Winter Term of 2007/08

Summer Term of 2007

Winter Term of 2006/07

Summer Term of 2006

Summer Term of 2005

Winter Term of 2004/05

Summer Term of 2004

Winter Term of 2003/04

Winter Term of 1999/2000 to Summer Term of 2003

  • Tutorial course on Algorithms and Data Structures (held by Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner) at Universität Konstanz
  • Tutorial courses on Statistics for Psychologists (held by Prof. Dr. Jan Beran) at Universität Konstanz