Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics


Conference articles

  1. Efficient Recognition of Subgraphs of Planar Cubic Bridgeless Graphs.
    In: Proceedings of the 30th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2022), volume 244 of Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, pages 62:1–62:15, 2022.
    Joint work with Paul Jungeblut and Torsten Ueckerdt.
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Master's Thesis

  1. Dimension and Linear Layouts of Posets.
    Master's thesis, May 2023.
    Advisor: Torsten Ueckerdt.
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  2. P_n-free colorings of planar graphs.
    Bachelor's thesis, September 2020.
    Advisor: Torsten Ueckerdt.
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