Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics

Supervised Theses

Bachelor/Master Theses

  • Sophie von Schmettow. Master's thesis. Visualizing OpinionSpace – Geographic Map Representations for Opinion Data. In progress.
  • Rebecca Seelos. Bachelor thesis. Network visualisation in humanities. pdf
  • Christian Schnorr. Bachelor thesis. Drawing directed graphs with circular arcs. pdf
  • Germaine Götzelmann. Bachelor thesis. Alignment and stemma construction for ancient Egyptian manuscripts.
  • Nina Zimbel. Bachelor thesis. Interaction with graph abstraction.
  • Sebastian Schlund. Master’s thesis. On smoothing paths in layered graph drawing.
  • Hannes Wächter. Master’s thesis. Impact of the shape of a graph layout on its attractiveness.
  • Jonathan Klawitter. Master’s thesis. Algorithms for crossing minimisation in book drawings. pdf
  • Denis Knöpfle. Master’s thesis.On drawing planar triangulations with bends.
  • Franziska Wegner. Master’s thesis. Algorithmic Aspects in Power Flow Calculation.
  • Fabian Klute. Master’s thesis. Connecting Points with Low-Complexity Polynomial Curves in a Polygon.
  • Sarah Lutteropp. Bachelor thesis. On Layered Drawings of Planar Graphs.


  • Sarah Lutteropp. Undergraduate research project funded by “Stipendium der Begabtenstiftung Informatik” Direction Consistent Point Set Embedding
  • Boris Klemz. Student thesis. Drawability of Euler Diagrams