Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics

Dr. rer. nat. Robert Görke

scientific assistant
Dr. Robert Görke Dr. rer. nat. Robert Görke
Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie (KIT)
Institute of Theoretical Informatics
Am Fasanengarten 5
Informatics Main Bldg. 50.34, Room 318
P.O. Box 6980, D-76128 Karlsruhe, Germany

Phone +49 721 608-44214 (Fax -44211)
eMail robert [dot] goerke [at] kit [dot] edu
office hours by appointment

Research Interests

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I am interested in practical and theoretical problems that are combinatorial in nature, in particular in the context of graphs:

  • mathematical modelling of practical problems on networks
  • network analysis, properties of graphs and subgraphs, and especially clustering in graphs
  • algorithm engineering for partitioning and clustering graphs
  • network design
  • visualizing (large) graphs
  • algorithmic concepts in graph theory, e.g. matroids in graphs


Selected Publications

  1. An Algorithmic Walk from Static to Dynamic Graph Clustering.
    PhD thesis, Fakultät für Informatik, 2010.
    [ html | pdf ]
  2. Modularity-Driven Clustering of Dynamic Graphs.
    In: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA'10), volume 6049 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, May 2010.
    Joint work with Pascal Maillard, Christian Staudt, and Dorothea Wagner.
    [ pdf ]
  3. Computational Aspects of Lucidity-Driven Graph Clustering.
    Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, 14(2):165-197, 2010.
    Joint work with Marco Gaertler, Florian Hübner, and Dorothea Wagner.
    [ html | pdf ]
  4. Augmenting k-Core Generation with Preferential Attachment.
    Networks and Heterogeneous Media, 3(2):277-294, June 2008.
    Joint work with Michael Baur, Marco Gaertler, Marcus Krug, and Dorothea Wagner.
    [ html | pdf ]
  5. Modelling Overlay-Underlay Correlations Using Visualization.
    Telektronikk, 104(1):114-125, 2008.
    Joint work with Vinay Aggarwal, Anja Feldmann, Marco Gaertler, and Dorothea Wagner.
    [ html | pdf ]
  6. Determining and interpreting correlations in lipidomic networks found in glioblastoma cells.
    BMC Systems Biology, 4(126), September 2010.
    Joint work with Anke Meyer-Bäse, Christopher G. Wagner, Huan He, Mark R. Emmett, and Charles A. Conrad.
    [ html ]

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Current Teaching

  • Practical Course: Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (SS 2011)

Former Teaching