Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics

Algorithms for Geovisualisation

The Young Investigator Group (YIG) Algorithms for Geovisualization is a junior research group established in 2009 by KIT as part of its commitment to foster the independence of young scientists. The YIG is headed by Dr. Martin Nöllenburg. It is member of the Young Investigator Network at KIT and affiliated to the group Algorithmics I of the Institute of Theoretical Informatics.

yig2013.jpg From left to right: Joachim Priesner, Benjamin Niedermann, Andreas Gemsa, Abhijith Chunduru, Martin Nöllenburg, Boris Klemz, Franziska Wegner, Roland Gröll, Erik Prause

Area of Research

The increasing popularity of interactive and dynamic maps, in particular in web-based and mobile applications, causes a growing need for new cartographic visualization algorithms in this scenario. Depending on the chosen map frame the optimal representation of the corresponding map content changes. As the user interacts with the map, the visualization of the content must change continuously over time in order to preserve the context. We study algorithms for continuous generalization and map labeling.

Another area of interest is to automatically generate user-specific and thematic maps, in particular schematic maps. Schematic maps are a means to reduce the visual complexity of a map - as long as the intended map use allows - in order to increase its readability. Examples of schematic maps are route sketches or public transportation maps.

We study cartographic visualization problems using a structured algorithmic approach and methods of computational geometry and graph drawing in order to design algorithms with provable performance and quality guarantees. These theoretical guarantees will then be experimentally evaluated in practice.