Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics

Route Planning in Transportation Networks


One of our busiest research topics has been the investigation and development of route-planning algorithms for transportation networks. Since its beginning in 1999, this project has evolved into manifold branches, where a strong focus has always been on real-world applicability. This site gives an overview of our main activities. For related publications we refer to the webpages of the project members.

Project Members



We did and do cooperate with many companies and people from academia.



  • We acknowledge the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library CGAL (packages Polygons, Arrangements, Triangulations and Delaunay Triangulations, Spatial Searching and Sorting), which is used in a subproject on pedestrian route planning.


  • Integrated Planning in Public Transport - DFG-Research Group FOR 2083
  • HoPE - Holistic Personal public Eco-mobility
  • MOVESMART - Renewable Mobility Services in Smart Cities
  • Google Focused Research Award “Next Generation Route Planner”
  • DFG-Research Project “Route Planning in Transportation Networks”.
    Also, see the website of the group of Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders of this project.
  • eCOMPASS – eco-friendly multi-modal route planning
  • iZeus – electric vehicle routing
  • ARRIVAL – optimization of railway systems
  • AMORE – optimization of railway systems


Source Code and Data

  • RoutingKit – Implementation of Customizable Contraction Hierarchies
  • FlowCutter – Implementation of FlowCutter
  • Road Graphs – Road graph data available for scientific purposes