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In short, if you arrive in Frankfurt/Main by plane, go to the regional train station (part of the airport) and take a train to St. Wendel. You might have to change in Mainz. Right next to the St. Wendel train station there is a bus station with direct busses (line R2) to Schloss Dagstuhl. You can find your train and bus connection via the German railway timetable. Use "Frankfurt Airport" as start and "Wadern Bahnhof" as destination. The bus driver will drop you right in front of Schloss Dagstuhl if you buy a ticket to Dagstuhl. German busses do give change :-) An up-to-date list of train and bus connections is also available via the Schloss Dagstuhl Web pages.

More detailed travel information is available via the Dagstuhl Travelinfo Web page.

The Dagstuhl administration has compiled a checklists for workshop guests.

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