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Following the tradition of the two preceeding small workshops on computational geometry in Korea, we strive to have active discussions and to do research on problems in computational geometry and geometric networks. Therefore we would like to ask you to prepare a short talk of 15-30 minutes that leads directly to interesting open problems.

At this point of time we can only guarantee availability of 15 rooms. We will not invite more than 20 participants, so 10 of these rooms can be used as single rooms (first come - first serve). Since we support the workshop financially, the workshop fee including room and meals will only be 100 Euros for each participant in a double room and 250 Euros for those in single rooms.

Schloss Dagstuhl has excellent

facilities for seminars and research including a large computer science library. The travel time from Frankfurt Airport is 2 hours by train (about 25 Euros) to Sankt Wendel plus half an hour by bus (about 5 Euros). There is a connection every hour, every second hour one has to change trains in Mainz. The center is located in a hilly region of Saarland with many hiking paths close-by. The center also supports spare-time activities like biking, table tennis, foot- and volleyball, billiards, boccia, or playing musical instruments. Last but not least there is a nice wine cellar.

last change: December 14, 2005

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