Bibtex Styles

For setting my list of publications [English, German] without my own name in each entry and a list of co-authors ("Joint work with...") instead, I have changed the standard bibtex styles unsrt.bst and gerunsrt.bst into publist-unsrt.bst and publist-gerunsrt.bst, respectively. (Thanks to Nicolas Markey for his help!)

If you'd like to have additionally clickable links from your list of publications (in pdf format) to all your online publications, use entries url, pdf or ps in your bibtex database and my bibtex styles href-publist-unsrt.bst and href-publist-gerunsrt.bst. You'll need pdflatex and the latex package hyperref, both of which are included in teTeX, see CTAN.

Hyperlatex users can try hyperlatex-unsrt.bst to get a similar effect in the html output that hyperlatex produces. If you prefer not to escape the tilde character ~ in URLs in your bibtex data base, you'll have to convert it into \~{} each time you call bibtex, so that the hyperlatex command \xlink works correctly. The following alias (for the C-shell) does the job:

alias hyperbibtex 'bibtex \!*; sed -e "s|\(}{http://[^/]*/\)~|\1\\~{}|g" \!*.bbl > \!*.tmp; mv -f \!*.tmp \!*.bbl'

Alexander Wolff
Last modified: Tue Apr 22 19:31:38 MEST 2003